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Lebanese in the World Today

Maronite Foundation | Maronite Foundation of South Africa | Woodmead
God and Lebanon
June 15, 2016
Maronite Foundation | Maronite Foundation of South Africa | Woodmead
The Maronite Academy
June 27, 2016
Maronite Foundation | Maronite Foundation of South Africa | Woodmead

‘Lebanese in the world’ refers to the number of immigrants, and their descendants who voluntarily or as refugees left their native homeland, Lebanon

The Lebanese Diaspora is historically trade-related, however it has more recently been linked to the Lebanese Civil War, with many having to immigrate to Western Countries. A significant number of Lebanese descendants reside across the globe, primarily in the Americas (including North America, Latin America, and The Caribbean), Australia, Europa, Africa (particularly West Africa) and other countries in the Arab World. The majority of Lebanese in the diaspora are of Christian descent, with sizable minorities of Muslims and a few Lebanese Jews.
Lebanese across the Globe

globeThe Americas have long been a popular destination for Lebanese migration, with Lebanese arriving in some of these countries as early as the 19th Century. The largest population of Lebanese, outside the Middle East, is Brazil with an estimated 7 million Brazilians of Lebanese descent. Brazils Lebanese population is twice that of the entire population of Lebanon itself. There is also a large community that resides in Mexico, with an estimated 400 000 Mexicans of Lebanese descent. Other countries with large Lebanese populations include: Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and the Caribbean. There are many opportunities in the Arab World for economic growth, where many Lebanese have worked and flourished, most notably in the Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

Many Lebanese immigrated to Africa, where they have flourished financially and have built a strong Lebanese community, embracing their identity and culture.

The Lebanese population in South Africa has been estimated to be between 5,100 – 20 000. An increasing number of Lebanese students are making their way to South Africa, seeking greater education and career opportunity. Most of the South African Lebanese population reside in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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