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About Us

On June 27, 2006 H.B. Cardinal Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, signed a patriarchal declaration number 16/8/2006 announcing the founding of the Maronite Foundation in the world whose primary purpose is to plan, execute, implement and ‘assist those Maronite’s dispersed around the world in facilitating their contacts with Lebanese public offices, in particular the department of personal records, and all offices concerned with records of Lebanese in the registration of marriages, birth, etc… and the preservation of their Lebanese Identity…”

To the end, and in accordance with the Patriarchal decree, the Maronite Foundation began its operational work on July 23rd, 2008 to ensure that Maronite’s around the world are accorded due to attention and assistance in establishing their legal status in Lebanon.

The Maronite Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose funds derive from its board of trustee’s annual membership fee as well as donations.

The Maronite Foundation South Africa

The Maronite Foundation South Africa is dedicated to promoting the sentiments of the Maronite affiliation and the Lebanese identity among South African Maronite’s. Our goal is to awaken the community to our heritage and celebrate our Lebanese identity.

We are proud to announce the establishment of a local board of trustees for the South African branch of the Maronite Foundation, including: the General Superior of the Maronite Mission in South Africa, Errol Richa, Dr. Michael Louis, Budwa Abrosie, John Shalala and Raymond Abrosie.

Offices will be set up at Our Lady of Cedars, Woodmead, and will be occupied by Nana Saad who will be available to assist the community effectively.

We look forward to continued growth and prosperity.

Maronite Foundation Objectives:

  • To help Lebanese in the world regain their citizenship
  • To promote the sentiments of the Maronite affiliation and the Lebanese identity among Maronite’s in the world.
  • To awaken Maronite’s to their heritage and consolidate their links with their Lebanese and Maronite roots.
  • To lobby the Lebanese government and the legislative body in taking the necessary action to advance laws related to helping the Lebanese descendants regain their citizenship.
  • To help Maronite’s in the world process their Vital Events such as marriages, births, etc… in order to obtain their Lebanese citizenship and register them in the official Lebanese civil registry.
  • To sensitize Maronite’s in the world to their political, cultural, economic and social participation in the Lebanese public life.
  • To secure intercommunication between the Maronite mother church in Lebanon and its children worldwide.